multi-lingual one–stop shop provider of translation, localization, and subtitling services


Flexibris translators database, translation memories, localisation & closed captioning tools;

translators translate into their native languages;

quality control system at three levels: translation, proof reading, editing;

all areas of activity, all forms of translation, owing to a constantly developing database;

in-depth knowledge of the source and target language, due to multi-cultural background;


one – stop shop for the entire zone, competitive prices;

quality label:
‘native target language’;

only a specialist company can guarantee an independent system of quality control;

time saving, (one – stop shop);

thorough understanding of objectives, easy and professional contact with the service provider.


Flexibris is a specialised translation company. With modern tools at hand we can effectively perform remote work from long distance and Warsaw remains a highly competitive location. You can trust us with your translation, localisation & subtitling requirements.
Quotation available upon request:
phone: +48 (0)22 863 40 43, fax: +48 (0)22 863 88 48

FLEXIBRIS Sp. z o.o.
VAT UE: PL 5222736862,
capital: PLN 50,500.00 (EUR~ 15,000.00), fully paid,
head office, ul. Fasolowa 49/14, PL 02-482 Warszawa,
Polska, Poland

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